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Advertising Through UPA

UPA allows advertising through their website, newsletter, and email distribution list. The following ad types are acceptable: Journals and books, tests and testing services; computer; hardware, software and services; drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers; private psychiatric hospitals; position openings; positions wanted; licensing exam review services; workshops, seminars, and meetings; biofeedback and other technological equipment; office rentals; billing services; attorneys; liability insurance companies; and practice announcements.Unacceptable ads shall include alcohol and cigarette ads. Please contact UPA (contact information below) for information about rates.

UPA Approved Events

Organizations who have applied for UPA Approval for Continuing Education events have the option of adding additional advertisements to the UPA website and the UPA email distribution list.

  • If you would like an ad placed on the UPA website for two months prior to the event, this is an additional $100.
  • If you would like us to send a notification of your event to the UPA email distribution list, this is an additional $50.  We will send your advertisement (provided by you) to the UPA listserve 2 weeks and 1 week prior to your workshop. 
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