Utah Psychological Association

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Utah State University/Counseling and Psychological Services

Type of Site: Internship, University Counseling Center, APA Accredited

Program Description:

USU CAPS doctoral internship provides quality training focused on eight basic areas of psychological practice important in a university counseling center or similar setting: individual therapy; group therapy; psycho-educational and psychological assessment; outreach and consultation activities; providing clinical supervision; awareness of and responsiveness to diversity issues; ethical and professional behavior; and professional development. While interns at CAPS are expected to function semi-autonomously, they can also expect to work and learn in an atmosphere characterized by respect and support. Overall, the goal of our internship is to create mentoring relationships and a learning environment in which interns can hone their skills and grow professionally in a safe and supervised setting. In addition to a number of required core experiences, our training allows an intern flexibility in choosing elective experiences consistent with his or her professional goals. Through the outreach consultation and professional development projects, interns have the opportunity to customize their internship. Coordinating these two projects, an intern can create a specialty rotation or focal area. Please see our webpage at http://www.usu.edu/counseling for a complete description of the program. You can also learn what it is like to live in Logan Utah by watching a YouTube clip created by the intern class of 2014 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ITLDdJ6OGo). 

Training Director: Eri Bentley

Address: 0115 Old Main Hill

Logan, Utah 84322-0115

(90 miles north of SLC)

Phone: 435-797-1012

Populations:Adolescents, adults, older adults, outpatient, gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender, ethnic minorities, Spanish-speaking, students, international students, rural, low-income

Treatment Modalities:Assessment, individual therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, consultation/liaison, crisis intervention, brief psychotherapy, long-term psychotherapy, supervision of practicum students

Experience: Eating disorders, sexual disorders, sports psychology, learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, assessment, serious mental illness, anxiety disorders, trauma/PTSD, sexual abuse, counseling, vocational/career development, multicultural therapy, feminist therapy, religion/spirituality, empirically-supported treatments, program development/evaluation, supervision, research, administration, integrated health care - primary

Position Information

Position Begins: 8/01/2016

Number of Full Time Slots expected in next class: 3

Number of Part Time Slots expected in next class: 0

Full Time Annual Stipend: $25,000

Fringe Benefits: Dissertation Release Time, Dental Insurance, Disability Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Professional Development Time, Sick Leave, Vacation, Retirement

Applications/Interviews: Application Info available on the website: http://www.usu.edu/counseling

Applications due:11/6/2015

Interview Dates:December

Interviews include: Our interviews are conducted over Skype video call, but phone interviews can be arranged for those without web-based video call capability. Interviews are 45 minutes in length with 2 staff members and a current intern. Following the interview, applicants can talk informally with another current intern. Applicants are welcome to visit CAPS and Cache Valley. Visiting our site, however, is not required nor expected, and will not increase the applicant's chance of being ranked by our program. Candidates we interview will be notified whether they will be ranked by the ranking deadline.

Requirements for application: Pass comprehensive exams by application deadline, dissertation proposal approved by application deadline

Minimum number of AAPI Intervention Hours: 450

Minimum number of years of grad training required: 3

Additional Information: Prefers students from Clinical and Counseling Psychology programs. Prefers students from APA or CPA-Accredited programs. Prefers Ph.D. and Psy.D. Degrees.

Summary of 2015-2016 Internship Class

  • ·      41 completed applications
  • ·      28 applicants invited for interviews
  • ·      4 total interns (all from APA/CPA accredited programs, 2 from Ph.D. and 2 from Psy.D. programs)
  • ·      Of the 4 total interns, 3 were from a Clinical Psychology program, and 1 was from a Counseling Psychology program
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