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It can seem like a difficult and overwhelming task to investigate and start psychotherapy. With a little information about what is involved in finding a therapist and what to expect when you get there, it will be more manageable. The American Psychological Association has published a useful article to help you with your questions about therapy. It is called Understanding Psychotherapy and How It Works. Take a look.

If you have questions about mental health, we can help you get the answers. The Utah Psychological Association offers resources to help the public understand the importance of psychological health and general well-being.

You can contact us by phone at (801) 410-0337 or by e-mail at utahpsych@gmail.com

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for commonly asked questions about psychology and treatment.  If you have additional questions you can contact us by phone at (801) 410-0337 or by e-mail at utahpsych@gmail.com.

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