Utah Psychological Association

address: 5442 South 900 East, Suite 512, Salt Lake City, UT 84117 | phone: (801) 410-0337 | emailutahpsych@gmail.com

Brigham Young University

Type of Site: Internship, University Counseling Center, APA Accredited

Program Description:

The internship at BYU Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) trains generalists in a supportive atmosphere where interns' training needs are the priority. Interns are involved in the full range of services offered by a comprehensive university counseling center serving a student body of over 32,000. Emphasis on individual, couples and group therapy; diversity/multiculturalism; crisis intervention; outreach and consultation; psychological assessment; integrating spiritual issues in therapy; and meeting interns' individual training goals. Training and experience in multicultural counseling are addressed through case assignment, supervision, consultation, and didactic training. Twenty-eight licensed psychologists offer a wide range of theoretical orientations in supervision and didactic training. Clinical rotations are offered in Couples Therapy, Outreach Services, Group Therapy, Sports Psychology, Campus Housing, Stress Management & Biofeedback Training, Testing and Assessment, Career Services, Teaching, Counseling Center Administration, Research, and Spirituality in Therapy. Interns are provided four hours per week to complete dissertation or work on other research. The Center has a well-established therapy outcomes research program and interns may select a research rotation with one of the Center's research teams.

Training Director: Michael Adams

Address: 1500 Wilkinson Student Center

Provo, Utah 84602-7906

(40 miles south of Salt Lake City, UT)

Phone: 801-422-3035

Populations: Adolescents, adults, families, outpatient, gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender, ethnic minorities, deaf/hearing-impaired, students, international students, rural, urban, low-income

Treatment Modalities: Assessment, individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, group therapy, consultation/liaison, crisis intervention, brief psychotherapy, long-term psychotherapy, supervision of practicum students

Experience: Eating disorders, sexual disorders, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, assessment, neuropsychology-adult, anxiety disorders, trauma/PTSD, sexual abuse, counseling, vocational/career development, multicultural therapy, feminist therapy, religion/spirituality, empirically-supported treatments, program development/evaluation, supervision, research, administration

Position Information

Position Begins: 8/15/2021

Number of Full Time Slots expected in next class: 4

Number of Part Time Slots expected in next class: 0

Full Time Annual Stipend: $43,455

Fringe Benefits: Dissertation Release Time, Dental Insurance, Disability Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Professional Development Time, Sick Leave, Vacation

Applications/Interviews: Application Info available on the website: https://caps.byu.edu/apa-doctoral-internship-in-health-service

Applications due: 11/6/2020

Virtual Interviews: December 2nd and 9th of 2020, and on January 6, 13, 20, and 27th of 2021. 

Interviews include: Q&A session with the Director of Training, Q&A with the current interns, interviews with members of the training committee (three interviews with 3 or 4 committee members each). Requests to meet with specific faculty are welcome. Campus tour is available (weather permitting). 

Requirements for application: Pass comprehensive exams by application deadline, dissertation proposal approved by start of internship

Minimum number of AAPI Intervention Hours: 400

Minimum number of years of grad training required: 3

Additional Information: Prefers students from Clinical and Counseling Psychology programs. Prefers students from APA or CPA-Accredited programs. but will accept students from non-accredited programs. Prefers Ph.D. and Psy.D. Degrees, but will accept Ed.D. degrees.

This institution, department, internship, or postdoctoral program requires trainees to sign a statement about personal behavior and/or religious beliefs as a condition of admission and/or retention in the program. Statement found here: https://caps.byu.edu/apa-doctoral-internship-in-health-service

Summary of 2020-2021 Internship Class

  •       26 completed applications
  •       21 applicants invited for interviews
  •       4 total interns (all from APA/CPA accredited programs and Ph.D. programs)
  •       Of the 4 total interns, 3 was from a Clinical Psychology program, and 1 were from Counseling Psychology programs
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