Ethics Consultations for Members

A member benefit of UPA is that members can request an Ethics Consult at any time. Doing so is easy and can be tremendously helpful when struggling with an issue that raises some ethical questions.

UPA members consult with the ethics committee on a variety of issues including:

  • Conflicts between ethics, laws, regulations, organizational demands
  • Boundaries of competence
  • Delegation of work
  • Personal problems and conflicts
  • Multiple relationships, boundary issues, and boundary violations
  • Informed consent for assessment or treatment
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Confidentiality
  • False or deceptive statements or advertising
  • Documentation of work
  • Maintenance, dissemination, and disposal of confidential records
  • Inappropriate relationships with students or supervisees
  • Informed consent for research
  • Release of test data
  • Use of obsolete tests
  • Conflicts related to providing therapy to couples or families
  • Interruption or termination of therapy
  • Financial and insurance issues
  • Gift giving and bartering
  • And others

To request a consult, or to discuss whether an issue may require an Ethics consult, call the UPA Office at (801) 410-0337.